Business Applications for Business Owners

Intelligent Business Systems, Solutions and Service (IBS3) design and build affordable scalable enterprise class web-based solutions, that meet the needs of sole traders all the way through to corporate entities.

In every industry there are a multitude of businesses serving those industries, they all offer similar services but there are always those that stand out from the crowd. In every sector there are businesses that do extraordinarily well and then there are those that don't.

Statistics here in the UK show that 20% of businesses started, fail within the first year and then a further 60% fail within the next three years. There are many reasons for these failures and I am not making any guarantees that using IBS3's solutions will prevent that. But what I do know is that of the successful companies, the ones that do extraordinarily well, it's partly due to the systems that they have in place. Systems that enable them to consistently deliver product and services customers are willing to pay for.

Being a entrepreneur, business owner can be exciting and exhilarating with great benefits and rewards and at the same time it has its challenges and difficulties. The goal of IBS3 is to designs systems that enable you to consistently manage your business and focus on the service you want to provide while making all of the back-end administration and management of the business efficient. IBS3 solutions are built on the IBIS platform


Database Design

The IBIS systems are designed to be; fast, flexible, secure, afordable and reliable. The IBIS system is modular enabling the rapid development of a uniquely tailored solution to your specific needs.


Database Design

A range of applications designed to meet need of businesses both small and large. Solutions tailored to the needs of all of its users, not just some of its users.

Managers often have a hard time getting people to use the systems. The philosophy behind IBS3 and the IBIS platform, is simple. If the system meets the needs of the users and helps them with their work, they will use the system.


Setting up a business has a lot of upfromt costs IBS3 can provides you with an affordable subscription-based solutions which can scale either up or down in line your business needs.

This eliminates the need to have large upfront investment in systems before your'e even trading. As the IBIS systen is modular it can be in expandedand tailored to the specific needs of your growing the specific needs of your growing business.

Current solutions include online store, music store, Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), Content Management Systems (CMS), Business Management System (BMS)


Intelligence Business Information Systems (IBIS) is a rapid solution development platform designed for speed and security upon which the various applicarions are built. IBIS uses tried tested and trusted web technologies to build a secure, stable, scalable and modular system. The base system uses no third-party components ensuring that the code is both streamlined and secure.